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                        LUKE: THE MIRACLE DOG

Shetland Sheepdog, Luke, enjoyed his world until    getting lost one day. For eleven days and in a state of  panic, the frightened and confused dog ran from those  trying to rescue him...including his owners.

With the help of many others, his owners, Mike and Marie, searched an area of Florida for any sightings of Luke. Once found, he appeared dead. But, a spark of  life...his tiny intakes of air...gave everyone hope, and
the process of getting Luke healthy again started.

Luke's is a story of love, courage, and many 
talented people assisting in his recovery. But the biggest reason Luke is alive today is his stubborn refusal to give up and ongoing struggle to live. He
truly is a miracle dog.

A percentage of book sales will be donated to three animal organizations.

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Tamerla Kendall is the woman you see rooting for her son at sporting practice or shopping in a grocery store. Perhaps you’ll see her planting a garden behind her home, or talk to her at school or work. She’s a
student, worker, wife and mother. Surviving her dark past is hidden by her façade of an everyday, average life. Reading her memoirs will reveal her true struggle
to survive in a war zone, and is a testament to her courage.

As a Bosnian Croat, Tamerla, lived through the
carnage and chaos in Sarajevo during the Bosnian
War (1992-1995). Hers is a story of courage, fear, ingenuity, and survival. Difficult choices she made
then still disturb her peace of mind and life today.

She made a few trips out of Sarajevo, only to return to keep the family restaurant business operating. One carefully planned, secretive trip was made to remove
her daughter from the dangers of fighting, but this created a heartbreaking rift in their relationship. For
her second trip, Tamerla masqueraded as a United Nations Protection Forces soldier and rode in a tank.
With each trip, she risked being arrested or shot.

Her hopes for a return to normalcy at war’s end diminished as corruption and religious zealots took control. She married an American, and this marked
her as an outcast by some she’d trusted. When her
life was threatened at gunpoint, she faced a critical decision concerning her family’s safety in her
beloved country.


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